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Our grills are designed and made for one purpose specifically, to deliver the best foods regardless of when and where they are used. Try them once, and you will use them for all times.

Superior grills

Pick the grill that is suitable for your purposes. You can choose the size, design, type and so much more. It is just a matter of time when you will find it just right and the best grill you used ever.

Versatility you actually need

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Welcome to Holland Commercial Grill

Take a look at the details and the specifics of each grill we have developed for you. There are so many options to choose from and you can enjoy starting tomorrow. We promise you the best quality and the best practicality.

Part of our offer



Small and compact grill that has all you will need.


One grill that can be used for all purposes. It is suitable for smaller and bigger applications.


If you are looking for the ultimate grill this one is the right choice. It is massive and versatile.

Check the specials we have prepared for you

  • Vegetables power -

  • Beef with potatoes -

  • 3. Pork with vegetables and fruits -

  • Lamb with strong sauce -

View gallery

View gallery

Take a closer look at the pictures we have prepared for you. See what awaits you on our offer list. 


View gallery

View gallery

The food we prepare for you and the one that can be on your menu soon. We have meals from all parts of the globe. 


We are here for you


Be free to enjoy our services and our amazing grills as soon as possible. We have so much prepared for you so the only thing you need is the time. Take a deep look and have a strong taste of the specials we like to eat.

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