10' Grill on 16' Mobile trailer. A very serious grilling machine  



One of the worlds largest grill built on a 16 foot trailer for ease of handling and transportation to and from the party.  The trailer is built out of 4X4 square iron tubing painted black.  The grill 10' long and 44" wide  exterior is 304 stainless steel.  A 81 gallon LP gas tank provides the gas to the 21 individually controlled burners.  You can use as much or as little of the grill that is needed to handle your party.  This unit can put out 260,000 Btu if needed..  Add a griddle, steam table and/or a 6" deep pan for frying, or one or two 5  foot long  hoods for grilling or roasting with shelf for hog roasting.  Our largest company picnic feed 12000 people with one ten foot grill at $19.50 per head.  Key Benefits

  A grill big enough to handle very large parties  yet has the ability to handle a party of 1. Handled a party today 05/21/2000 for 6000 sandwiches 3000 bratwurst and 3000 hot dogs in 3 hours.           
  A griddle, steam table and french fryer make this one of the most versatile investments you will ever make.
  Stainless steel Pans under the burners assure you that you will never leave any debris behind.
  13000 (3bone) rib samplers at a 3 day rib cookout no problem. $39.000.00 gross in three days.
  1200# shipping weight easy to tow with small pickup.

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Description SKU # Price
10' grill on 16' trailer with s/s grill with s/s grates MGI-1 $9995.00                        
6 inch deep French fry pan 12" by 24" sku 10 $125.00                        
Steam table hood (5 foot unit) with lift up 6 inch door sku 11 $1000.00                        
Lift Up Hood (5 foot unit)

Lift Up Hood (2 -- 5 foot units)

sku 12 $1000.00




Weather Cover sku-13 $199.00                        

  Other options available see 6' grill page