Corn Roaster


 Corn and Potato Roaster



All Steel Housing.  Propane Heat with safety Pilot Light.   Trailer mounted.  Our  stainless steel unit will smoke and roast beef,  BBQ ribs, pulled pork, chicken corn and Baked Potatoes.

Our Roasters are built from 14 gauge steel, inner and outer walls. The roaster has insulated walls.  There are two burners, with a safety valve and pilot light. The fire never touches the food.  You can buy corn for as little as 10 cents per ear, and sell it for $2.00 to $3.00 per ear.  Our unit can produce over 65 dozen ears of corn per hour at $3.00 per ear is a possible income of $2200.00 per hour.  You can pay for a unit in one day.

The base price of the corn and potato roaster is $8999.00 plus shipping,

    Regulator and gas line
    14" high speed wheels
    Tongue jack
    Safety pilot valve
    Bike style fenders with turn signals lamps
    8 zinc coated NSF shelves for roasting 4' by 14" -- 32 foot of shelves for roasting--single layer of corn 192 ears per load 20 minutes cooking time.
    put two layers of corn on each shelf and that's 400 ears per 20 minute cook cycle.
    800 ears per hour times $3.00 = $2400.00 per hour sales
    2-- 5' LP gas burners  550 degrees internal cooking temperature.
    Smoke box available for Barbecuing
    Rotisserie has external bearings lubrication.
    Sink package optional.

 Green Corn Roaster  with hand wheel    $8999.00 
                          Green Corn Roaster  with electric motor drive $9999.00  
                          Green Smoker Roaster stainless steel interior and 8 zinc coated NSF shelves with hand wheel $11962.00 
                             With electric motor $12995.00
         8 stainless steel NSF shelves $2400.00          

 Sink section on green Corn roaster adds $2500.00   

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