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Mobile grill AS-557

The mobile grill AS-557 is the most popular grill we have to offer. It is versatile, comes with great design and strong quality. The grill is commonly used by families, has the longest warranty you can expect and so much more. Over last couple of months we shipped this particular model to thousands of our clients all over the world.

About John Willis


John has been working in the grill industry for 20 years and now he started his own grill manufacturing company. His grills are known for being able to meet the most demanding requirements, to be used in all areas despite the design and d├ęcor and also to be packed and used in various locations.

The grills John designs and makes are based on countless reviews and recommendations from the actual users who have been using grills for ages. We can say that the grills are made by people for people. John has some promise only. He will continue making the best and the most desirable grills as long as possible. For you, this is a future opportunity to try one of these grills and to have the best barbecue in your lifetime.