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As 554

Small and compact, suitable for usages in various locations.

AS 555

Made for versatility and comes with all the features you will need.

AS 698

Grill literally anywhere without additional tools and equipment.

As 702

The biggest and the most powerful grill we have to offer from the all-new collection.

Grills for families


The above models that you can see are best for small group of people like 4-6 people. They are great choices and make your small event enjoyable and better. They are advanced models coming up with latest and safe cooking method.


Below models that you can see are great for bigger group of people more than 15 people. You can have a great time outdoor, having grand party at your backyard. They are affordable and you can rely for your next parties.

FS 102

Suitable for those who want the smallest size but the biggest and the best results.

FS 202

Practical, versatile and desirable model.

FS 302

The most popular and the most desirable for most of our clients.

FS 402

If you want more and you want a big grill, this one is for you.